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Carmen March… last goodbye?


It had come to that perfect moment, to that point in a line, where you could imagine a perfect growth, a future outside what is known here in Spain as the Fashion Scene. The latest collection; full of detailing, great fabrics, color, combination… Steve Mono┬┤s accessory line for the Fall Winter Carmen March Collection. We all experienced the show as a fresh but also mature and therefore, special moment, where we could see a Spanish line finally doing it.

And then, a few months later we have to say goodbye to the already solid Carmen March look. Say goodbye to quality, to wonderful fabrics, to a classic and timeless look that we will at least carry in our hearts.

We are saying goodbye to a team of great designers, pattern makers, seamstress… that were able to translate Carmen March to us, to the public.

We will always remember all those great moments, and will always wait to find them some other time, hopefully in the near future.

We wish you the best.


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Micocotte en RBP

Although the website is now under construction, you can inmediatly see what Micocotte is about. Easy lines but full of detailing as the two faces printed on her dress…

Charo, the designer, is both a fashion designer and an Ilustrator, that has a quaint little store in old Madrid, where you can find clothing, accesories and beautiful gift items. http://www.laintegral25.com